The greatest disease in the West today is not TB or leprosy; it is being unwanted, unloved, and uncared for. We can cure physical diseases with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopelessness is love. There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread but there are many more dying for a little love. The poverty in the West is a different kind of poverty — it is not only a poverty of loneliness but also of spirituality. There’s a hunger for love, as there is a hunger for God.

Mother Teresa, A Simple Path: Mother Teresa (via kushandwizdom)

If suddenly
you forget me
do not look for me,
for I shall already have forgotten you.

Pablo Neruda, If You Forget Me (via missinyouiskillingme)

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Intimacy is the capacity to be rather weird with someone - and finding that that’s ok with them.

Alain de Botton  (via thatkindofwoman)

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are there any spirits listening
yes are you alone
haha nice whats up :P
trying to contact my dead grandmother
cool cool so what would u be doing if i was alive right now lol

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People reblog this as a joke but this is so inspiring

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When grandpa Horst walked into the Best Friends adoption center, a cat with only one eye caught his attention. Just like the cat, grandpa Horst can only see through one eye.

“Horst and Mimi bonded at the Best Friends Pet Adoption Center in Salt Lake City just a few weeks ago,” Best Friends Animal Society – Utah wrote. After meeting Mimi, he knew right away that that was the cat for him.

You can’t see out of your right eye, and I can’t see out of my left, but together we can see the world,” Horst said to his furry companion in his home in Colorado.

My grandfather and Mimi are truly happy together! I haven’t seen him this happy in years,” said Horst’s granddaughter Heather.

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Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer care.

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I look at you, and I just love you, and it terrifies me. It terrifies me what I would do for you.

Alexandra Bracken (via confessionsofamodelwannabe)

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